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DIGITAL MARKETING exists in an ever changing world of content consumption. TWENTYFIVEEIGHT STUDIOS keeps track of the trending outlets for your marketing buys as well as producing marketing materials that fit into these spaces. From social media to streaming advertising, there is a wide mix of platforms that may suit a business. We can help you put a finger on the one that will best suit yours.


Video production for FILM, TELEVISION, MUSIC VIDEO, COMMERCIAL, and SOCIAL MEDIA. With over 15 years of experience making digital media in all facets. TWENTYFIVEEIGHT STUDIOS has the KNOW HOW and resources to make a project stand out.


Equipped to record bands, voice-overs, music scores, and audio for film, The Stude caters to virtually any project requiring audio in both stereo and surround formats. Our facility and mobile multitrack capabilities enable us to work with clients, both locally and internationally. Contact us today to discuss your project!

4 hour block - $400                                                                                   

9 hour block - $800


  TWENTYFIVEEIGHT STUDIOS offers a fully functional podcasting studio space. we produce our own podcast here and offer the space with all equipment by block schedule. We also offer podcast producing and engineering services to help you take your podcasts to the next level.


TWENTYFIVEEIGHT STUDIOS offers great rates on photography and filmmaking studio space. We offer three seperate spaces including: white/black/green CYC, photo backdrop space, and set building space. The perfect space for photo and video shoots.

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